All About the NETI POT

Many people enjoy using the sinus rinse. And many people ask about the "correct way". There might be more than one correct way, but we recommend......

This one in particular. The reason, is because it is easier to use!

This one

is named "the Neti Pot", but the reason why I don't recommend it in particular is that it is simply more challenging.

Now, the biggest turn-offs have to do with the following:

A) Putting anything in your nose (grandma said not to!)

B) The burning sensation for novices (this usually goes away)

C) The [false] idea that the fluid MUST go from one side to the other

D) The possible gagging sensation.

Indeed, it is true that one should NOT put anything in their nose without consulting a physician first. Maybe nasal saline spray is an exception to that "rule".

But, many find that sinus rinse can help them breathe better, and those who work in dusty, moldy, or otherwise hostile environments find that "nasal douche" cleans out the nose best.

However, there is an important caveat: a well designed study has shown that those who use the rinse every day or multiple times per day experienced a 62% DECREASE in sinus infections when they stopped doing this.


In other words, the sinus rinse can cause sinus infections! We believe that the reason why is due to either:

A) Changes in the cilia (little hair) function

B) Sterility of the solution or bottle

C) Expulsion of [needed] mucous "blanket" in the nose

D) other unknown factors


We believe that the rinse can be done for a cold, or after heavy dust exposure, and definitely after Nasal Surgery


The Method:

Use Distilled water (option is tap water then cooled to lukewarm..test it first!0

Fill bottle to dotted line (250 mL)

Add at least one if not two packets of premade salt/soda combo

Homemade option is kosher or packing salt, NEVER table salt with balanced portion baking soda)

I like to put it in microwave for 10 seconds....but that's because I think the nose "prefers" lukewarm or body temperature liquid. Again, CHECK the temperature on your wrist like a baby bottle

Now, here's where it gets interesting....I tell people to rinse in the shower! Go for a deep 80-90 degree bow like so...

This is for three reasons....and depends on leg strength:

A) Effluent (what comes out) can exit via one, the other, or both nostrils

B) Effluent is very unlikely to make you gag and go into the throat, since your torso is horizontal

C) Effluent won't wind up on your bath counter or floor!

So, if that is not possible, then try to do it as deep as you can while being safe from fall, but the downside is that it might get into the back of the nose and down into the throat.

In the end, high volume - low pressure (HVLP) rinsing is what we recommend. The opposite (low volume - high pressure (LVHP) is discouraged. Here is one study as to that topic:

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