Why do I have to get a hearing test?

Over the past few months at hudsonENT, we have been asking patients to combine hearing testing with Dr. Lynch-Rinaldi in conjunction / same day as their appointments with our otolaryngologist, Dr. Kortbus.

Some people wonder, why would I do that? This is a great question!

There are several reasons, each of which we as your trusted ear doctors believe have significant importance.

First, many patients have hearing loss they do not know: this can be a “baseline” test.

Second, a doctor, friend or nurse cannot “see the inner ear” with any scope or tool in our office. The hearing test greatly helps us make the right diagnosis for you.

Thirdly, many families want to know if their children need ear tubes. This test is critical in making that determination.

Fourthly, we find many an important diagnosis that we could not make without the hearing test. Almost every day, we inform patients that their ears are all normal but can really only tell you that with a normal hearing test! In other words, without a hearing test that is normal, it is not true to tell you the ears are “all normal”.

This is a short list with more that can be added, but these are the main four reasons for which we actually have started nearly mandating the hearing test at time of service.

Now, of course there may be hesitation on some people’s parts.

First of all, many seniors get “free hearing testing” cards in the mail asking for them to come in with the intention of selling hearing aids. While we can make such recommendations here, the majority of time when Dr Kortbus refers someone for a hearing test, it is to help make the medical diagnosis.

Secondly, there is an additional half-hour or so of time to be had during your visit.

Thirdly, one might need to pay an additional copay.

Lastly, some call and say they “have cerumen: why do I need a hearing test?” For cerumen, the primary care providers, staff, or urgent care centers are almost always well qualified in managing this. Once that is cared for and an ear symptom persists, then again, a hearing test is so important to make the diagnosis.

Here is an image of the anatomy: many people are not aware that any provider cannot see the inner ear despite looking with an otoscope.

Thank you for putting your trust in hudsonENT: give Dr Lynch-Rinaldi and Dr. Kortbus a call!

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