Your Sinus Headaches

Did you know that many people’s headaches may be coming from their sinuses?

Most people will say yes, since we have all heard of the “sinus headache” that many get.

There are some qualities that would suggest that the headaches are from the sinuses:

When the headache is in the face, meaning under the eyes or between them

When the headache worsens with a pressure change (like flying, diving, mountain driving)

When the headache gets better with topical anesthesia [in the nose]

When the headache responds to putting pressure on the points of discomfort

When the headache comes with a runny nose or strange smells

There are some complaints that have medical providers wonder if the headaches are not “from the sinuses”, like when none of the above happen; when they get better with migraine medicine; when they are accompanied by symptoms like flashing light or avoidance of light; and when they are in the temples…to name a few.

Now, here’s another key point: sinus headaches tend to be dull. They are rarely sharp pains.

“Just listen to your patient; (s)he is telling you the diagnosis.” This medical maxim, attributed to the physician Sir William Osler (1849–1919), is so important. To make the proper diagnosis, a good doctor will rely on what the patient is saying. Many find it amazing that what you say is often more important than what we can see, hear and feel. Dr. Kortbus believes in this principle, and this is why we offer careful care in a small town setting.

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