The Value of Our Small Practice

Many times, we find ourselves discussing with patients, family members, colleagues and friends what it is that makes hudsonENT a special medical practice.

People ask: why would anyone in this day-and-age want to use a small practice?!

There are many answers, but we would like to share the big ones.

First of all, even in our semi-rural / exurban Hudson Valley, we have some large groups coming in. Most people find them to be “a business” and not the experience it was when they were younger.

Regardless of generation or age, the main answer to this question of why is: PEOPLE LIKE TO BE TREATED SPECIAL.

This is no disparagement to the medical care given at these businesses: there are some fine medical providers there. The point is, patients of hudsonENT feel special and know their issues are the most important that we have to deal with: people KNOW we care!

The second is, after the initial visit and the diagnosis / plan is made, there often comes the finer detail: how much will all this cost? What are the logistics? What about the DARN PHONE TREE?! We excel at this.

We strive to take away the layers of bureaucracy. With today’s zeitgeist, we hope to “break down barriers” and glass ceilings to make it as easy for you to get from problem (point A) to solution (point B).

When your appointment is confirmed, you will come in and yes, fill out some [inevitable!] forms. You will be escorted into the exam room with a family member should you decide, and have a history taken by one of our caring medical assistants. Then, depending on your condition, you will see either Dr. Lynch or Dr. Kortbus who will then guide you through the visit. That’s right: the doctor themselves will see you!

Our philosophy is shared decision making: we are the engineers and you are the pilot. It is our duty to give you the medical risks / benefits and alternatives of what to do next, and help you decide what is right.

We hope you will find hudsonENT to be the leader in otolaryngology with a small practice feel.

hudsonENT: progressive sinus, throat and ear care for all ages!