Throat reflux

Acid reflux is diagnosed many times per day at ENT offices. Most people are surprised that it is definitely among the top few diagnosis received among those who complain of throat problems.

Common symptoms include:

  • cough

  • hoarseness

  • post nasal drip

  • clearing of the throat

  • throat mucus

  • feeling of something caught in the throat, aka "lump in the throat"

  • sometimes soreness of the throat

  • food or drink "going down the wrong pipe"

  • and rarely heartburn.

That last symptom leads a lot of people to have some skepticism healthy about it being acid reflux. Hence the phrase "silent reflux".

Physical exam is performed without pain at hudsonENT. At times, we can find mechanical problems such as thyroid nodules, but even these are not usually the cause and are asymptomatic. However, and sure enough, endoscopy and pH studies often times reveals reflux to be the culprit. In the past, archaic tests like barium esophagram were relied on to show reflux but it does not mean that you don't have reflux if it's negative.

Also, many people have been treated with high doses of empiric therapy (e.g. "PPI", or proton pump inhibitors). Please review the blog that I've created last year about what to do, as well.

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