Office based minimal procedures for the nose and sinuses

At hudsonENT, we have been offering balloon sinuplasty since our beginning. This is an office based procedure that we have described in detail. Click here >> The-whats-whys-and-hows-of-Balloon-Dilation-at-Hudson-ENT

Over the past few weeks, we have added TWO NEW in office procedures: Clarifix and Vivaer.

In the past, many would need to have rhinoplasty with a plastic surgeon to adjust the nasal valves, which are the very important air intake regions that are just inside of the nostrils. Now, with a less than half-hour procedure known as Vivaer®, was can improve your breathing with essentially no downtime.

For those with runny noses and post-nasal drip, we are offering a new tool called Clarifix®. Likewise, we find an 85% success rate at improving or eradicating runny nose and / or post-nasal drip. To date, no adverse effects have been described after > 5000 cases. Now, as I have written about in the past, it does require a thorough evaluation, as written here >> Throat-reflux

In the operating room at both Columbia Memorial Health and Northern Dutchess, Dr. Kortbus is offering more nasal valve treatment with the Latera® implant; sinus stents with Propel®; computer-guided surgery from Medtronic®, and all with relatively low downtimes as well.

In summary, Dr Kortbus and staff at hudsonENT are well equipped to help you find the problem and often, help you alleviate it. Give the office a call today at 845-758-1456 if you or a loved one could use help with their nasal and sinus concerns!

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