Vocal Paralysis

Patients occasionally present to Hudson ENT with “voice problems” and hoarseness, along with an ineffectual cough and breathiness, or “shortness of breath”. Otolaryngologists and staff, also known as ENT’s or “ear, nose and throat” specialists are well equipped to make the diagnosis, which in this case is often found to be “vocal paralysis”. Many times, patients will report that they developed this problem after a cold, or some stressful activities. Sometimes patients are not sure when it happened, or they come because a loved one has recommended them to after being hoarse for a time. We are well equipped to help here in Red Hook, since a laryngoscopy or nasal “scope” is all that is needed to visualize the voice box and the vocal cords that make our voices work. The standard of care after the visit usually entails an imaging test, to be sure that the nerve that goes to the vocal system is intact and there is nothing along it’s path that might make it not work. Thankfully, most patients who are found to have a vocal fold that does not work have (a) an otherwise normal exam; (b) normal imaging tests; (c) need no further “major work-up”; (d) benefit from voice therapy and (e) often get better spontaneously. Do you or a loved one have problems with the voice? At Hudson ENT, we pride ourselves on a small family-like atmosphere of caring, along with efficiency, painless testing, and concise trustworthy recommendations. Give us a call today at 845-758-1456 and let us help you and your family.

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