Hearing Aids are Helpful

At hudsonENT, we dispense hearing aids. There is an unfair stigma associated with hearing aids, though. This includes the fact that when baby boomers were young, they saw their peers who used them as disadvantaged or “slow”. And nowadays, they are seen as too expensive. However, you should know that New York is the only state of the fifty that disallows any major mark up on hearing aids if they are sold at a practice run by a physician. HudsonENT is run by a physician, Dr Michael Kortbus. Therefore, the price of hearing aids dispensed here will be lower than almost anywhere else. In other words, we are a medical practice that happens to dispense hearing aids- not a hearing aid dispenser who might look into your ears someday. Also, great studies are being done to reveal how good hearing aids work, how well people can hear in noise, how well the hearing aids mask tinnitus, and also in devices known as “PLD”, or personal listening devise. The benefits of hearing aids are many. These include:

  • Increased earning power

  • Slower cognitive decline

  • Reduced annoyance related to tinnitus

  • Satisfaction with hearing aid performance

  • Developing a better relationship with your family through communication improvement

  • Improved feeling of contentment with yourself

  • Improved mental health and mood

  • Improved situational awareness

  • Improved physical well being

  • Better concentration

  • Feel more independent and secure

  • Feel less tired / exhausted / fatigued

  • Better participation at social gatherings

  • Increase social contacts

  • Better balance, less “vertigo”

…and many more. Hearing aids are not large in size and most people do not even notice them. In fact, when our providers are discussing hearing aids, Drs. Kortbus and Lynch-Rinaldi are often wearing them ourselves and the patient is surprised to see them AFTER they are pointed out in our ears! Dr. Lynch-Rinaldi manages audiology at hudsonENT, and has been in the business for more decades than she would like to admit. Many insurances cover hearing aids, or might include a “rider policy” for them. We accept especially CDPHP and MVP-TruHearing for dispensing hearing aids. Come see the experts at hudsonENT today, and discover how your quality of life can take off! Call 845-758-1456

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