Fix your deviated septum in the office now

We decided to create a catchy phrase for this blog post, because we think people need to understand a paradigm shift that is going on. You may come to have your septum straightened without needles during a brief procedure where you will walk out feeling refreshed and properly breathing through your nose maybe for the first time ever. Our early results show people are very pleased with this, and the national results show good long-term success. Up until this summer, Dr Kortbus and most ENT’s (ear- nose-and-throat doctors, aka “otolaryngologists”) repaired deviated nasal septums / septae in the operating room. There came fear and anxiety for many, who would rather accept a poorer quality of life than “go through with” the surgery. People heard stories about bleeding, pain, inability to work, worse breathing, and more. Traditional nasal septoplasty, which is the phrase that means making the nasal septum straighter, involves placing an IV, having anesthesia, waking up with possible effects of anesthesia like nausea, disorientation; having splints or packing placed, and such. Now, there are some that still require more than an office septoplasty, or even a rhinoplasty (aka nose-job) by a plastic surgeon. But for the majority, this is no longer the case. Do you think you’re ready? Give us a call at 845-758-1456.

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