Insurance and Medical Practice

The pandemic has caused many changes in people’s lives. One of them is that we have more people living in the Hudson Valley who are from elsewhere…. especially downstate New York.

In order to make every effort to help everyone, Hudson ENT is going to “pivot” in its approach to insurance management. To best serve you and your loved ones, we are going to see you then ask questions later.

What does this mean? We have contracts with most major HUDSON VALLEY insurance plans, but with so many new folks having downstate plans, we are going to make the appointment, see you, then bill the insurance you have.

How is this different? Before, we would see you and bill the insurance if they had a contract with us. If not, you would pay at the time of service with or without then making a claim for yourself. Now, we will bill the insurance for you and you hold on to your payment until they have “adjudicated the claim”.

What is the downside? For patients who subscribe to one of the many, many insurances we take, this is no change and there is no downside. For others, there is a chance that we must bill you personally if your insurance decides not to reimburse Hudson ENT.

What is the upside? You get care from our team, who is honored to have had great reviews some of which are here:

So, we are removing another barrier for you to get safe, healthy, empathetic and expert care for your sinus, throat and ear concerns conveniently, right here in Red Hook. Fill out this form here for your appointment today