The Coronavirus Pandemic

The current coronavirus pandemic is certainly the main topic of current events. It has been some time since one story so dominated the international news, and affected each of us. Some are affected in small ways, such as having to manage family members who can not go to work or school and some are affected in the ultimate way, by being with or knowing those who are ill with COVID (COrona VIrus Disease)-19.

Usually, we like to blog about topics of special interest to otolaryngology. COVID is a disease of the lower respiratory tract, meaning the lungs. Other than a possible early nasal symptom, the main triad comprises symptoms usually managed by primary care and the pulmonology specialist’s office (e.g. fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath). However, in this current state and as medical providers who deal in illness day-in and day-out, how can we not dedicate this blog and all attention to coronavirus as well?

Our blogs are meant to stand the test of time on our website, but as most people know, the recommendations and news about the current state of the pandemic are changing from moment-to-moment now. If your email inbox is anything like ours, you are receiving many emails about the coronavirus. We want you to know that we are closely monitoring the available recommendations, especially from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as we always do. Also, Dr. Kortbus has spent six hours in meetings this week with other leading physicians, learning from each other, sharing information and coming to terms with all contingency plans.

At this time, we remain open during normal hours and are performing elective procedures without interruption.

As we posted socially about last week, the two keys for all people now are:

1. frequent and thorough hand washing and

2. not touching the face with your fingers and maybe not with your cell phone either.

These two factors alone will greatly reduce your chances of getting this virus and others!

If you are in need of sinus, throat or ear care, please give us a call at 845-758-1456. If you think you or a loved one has contracted this disease, please call your local / county department of health for instructions.